MSA Seat Covers

msa-logoHere we don’t make just any seat covers – we design, use and abuse our seat covers so we can provide you with the most comfortable, best fitting and toughest available. Once you have enjoyed our seat covers you will agree!



Because while canvas is a waterproof, breathable, tough, long lasting fabric that can withstand loads of abuse, it can also abuse your vehicle’s nice soft seats, so to protect against this MSA 4x4 uses a complete soft cotton layer as a barrier between the canvas and the soft seat fabric. No worries!  To provide a fabric that has the best of all worlds, it needs the blend of polyester to give it the strength, durability and toughness we require in everyday use. Without the polyester it will have no reasonable service life.

We want you to be comfortable so we use 12oz in the middle where there is little wear and double layer it on the outside where the higher wear occurs, our covers do not feel hard and crusty like yesterday’s canvas. As we want the very most from our seat covers we decide to impregnate our canvas with DuPont Teflon during the fabric manufacturing process. This gives extra protection all round while still remaining just as breathable! Most dirt and grime will just sit on top of the fabric and wipe off.