Drawer Systems

When you need to fit out your ute or van, you need to make the best use of available space and that's where we come in.  Our experience in fitting out vehicles for work and play means that you get the most efficient layout for carrying the tools and equipment that you need to do your job. We have drawer and shelving systems that take up minimal space but provide ease of access.

TJM Southside can customise any combination of these products to suit your specific need or advise you based on our wide experience of setting up vehicles for specific trades.  All the equipment that TJM Southside install is matched to your specified load carrying need.  The gear is installed to have flexibility of purpose and ease of use so that you save time and money on the job.  Your work space is more efficient than ever and your equipment is no longer loose and that means that vehicle is better protected and worth more.

Falcon with Trundle Tray fitted under tray


Example of a shelf unit

Typical Tradies van fitted out with shelving system

Drawer fitted to ute with canopy

Van fitted with multiple drawer system