Ladder Racks

Here At TJM SouthSide we have many types of Tradesman's Racks and Sports Racks available to suit your every need.

Our Ladder racks can be made in 50mm, 63mm or 73mm Alloy.

Rail Mount for a tub body.

Under tray mount for a Cab Chassis.

We can also add:

  • Pegs
  • Ears
  • Loops
  • Eyebolts
  • Removable Pins and many more extras.

You have the choice of Single Front and Rear Bars, Single Braced Front Bar, Rear Removable or Fixed and more.

Kit Ladder Racks

Kit Ladder RackKit Ladder Rack

VE commodore Ladder Rack

F250 Ladder Rack
VE Commodore ute with Ladder RackVE Commodore ute with Ladder Rack