TJM Products and Equipment

There's something you can't actually see in TJM and that's a determination to create, build and test the best 4WD equipment on the planet. Much of which, although painstakingly researched, is subject to torturous trail and testing, resulting sometimes in a challenge, but ultimately, success.


Bullbars - Nudge Bars - Side Bars - Rear Bars

TJM has earned a worldwide reputation for being leaders in designing and manufacturing vehicle protection.

TJM has a range of aluminium and steel frontal protection bars that'll allow you to fully enjoy the outdoors. TJM vehicle protection minimises damage during collisions with animals and therefore protects both you and your passengers. Each TJM bull bar has been engineered and tested to ensure air bag compatibility. However, vehicle protection is not only about bull bars. It also includes both rear and sidebars.

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Accessories - Steering Dampers - Springs

If you're going bush, bounding over a bumpy building site or hauling a caravan, TJM has a suspension system to suit your 4wd.

Corrugations, ruts, rocks and pot holes, we’ve got ‘em all.  That’s why TJM has developed innovative and trusted suspension systems that can handle the diverse and extreme Aussie conditions. The TJM XGS and TJM XGS Gold systems are designed in Australia by TJM to extend the performance and capabilities of a vehicle’s suspension.

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Winch Accessories

A TJM winch is the essential risk management tool when venturing to remote locations and upping the stakes of your 4WD adventure.

TJM winches operate using a rotating drum system with super-strength wire. Catering to different vehicle weights, TJM winches can be fitted to the front or rear of the vehicle then attached to nearby trees, rocks or TJM ground anchors.

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Kits - Accessories - Straps

Stuck on a slope or stuck in the mud, TJM can provide a lot more than sympathy.

4WDriving can be full of fun and adventure, but it's certainly not much fun when your adventure comes to an abrupt halt.

At TJM we've "been there, done that" a thousand times, so we've come up with all the recovery gear you'll need - in one handy kit. If you're stuck on a slope, no worries the TJM Snatch Strap is at your disposal. It's 9 metres of tough nylon and can handle up to a whopping 15,000kg of tension.

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Snorkels are commonly the first accessory ever fitted to a four wheel drive. And why wouldn’t they be with all these benefits?

Not only do they allow for deep water crossings and hassle free air induction when immersed in dust; they also have other key features. The air quality at roof level is cleaner and cooler than air travelling via the bonnet, so this means greater fuel efficiency and less clogging of air filters. These are very important factors, particularly when 4WDing on dry, dusty roads.

battery button

It's nightfall, you're someplace that's not on the map, sinking a coldie from the car fridge, reading last week's paper and playing your favourite cd. And tomorrow night you can do it all again.

Thanks to TJM's Battery Management Systems you don't have to worry about getting stuck outback.

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Enjoy a hassle-free night's sleep In yulara or boulia. You choose the view.

A Yulara or Boulia TJM Roof Top Tent is always there –where you are.

And they're ready for a comfy night's sleep in just minutes.  You’ll be nestled snugly on the 65mm built in high density foam mattress with a great view of the surroundings.

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TJM accessories are manufactured for high grade material, and cover such things as vehicle underbody guards, flares, rooftop tents, awnings, utility boxes and liners.

All TJM products are tested to the highest manufacturing standards and come with an exclusive warranty period. TJM accessories are an essential part of your 4WD experience, to add comfort and accessibility to aid in every day aspects of your travel needs.